Tips on Select Clothing for Job Interviews

You have a lot to prepare when taking a job interview. In addition to having to practice or learn the answers during a job interview, choosing clothes that fit the company is also a matter that must be considered.

According to fashion psychologists and professors at the institute of fashion technology, which was reported on CNBC, instead of choosing clothes that fit the company, choosing clothes that fit your personality will be more important.

Here’s how to choose an interview suit without having to waste money:

1. Not too nervous
Most people often choose what clothes they want to wear the day before and even in advance. But thinking too much will only make you more stressed and nervous.

Ask yourself on the day of the interview. Like how do you feel right now? What must be worn to show personality.

If you feel sad and tired, choose clothes that will bring your atmosphere and energy to be better.

2. Research
Before the day of the interview, check the company’s website or consult with friends who are experienced about dress codes.

Don’t wear clothes like copies like employees who are already working. Know what to avoid and what to do.

For example, wear clothes that fit the company. Don’t wear casual clothes when taking interviews at more formal companies.

If you do that, you will look wrong costume and misinformed about the company.

3. Don’t get many accessories
Many have suggested keeping it simple. If wearing too many accessories, even if it makes you more confident, believe it can backfire because it will make the interviewer focus on your clothes rather than personality.

But also avoid things that are too simple. Consider choosing something that suits your personality but with a non-conspicuous note.

For example, wear a tie or brooch that was worn by your parents when working. Maybe that will attract the interviewer’s attention and lead to a brief conversation and will provide a lot of insight into who you are.

4. Don’t look older
There is often a false perception that dressing one level above the position you are applying for will make you look more mature. But it was a mistake.

You have no obligation to look more mature. There are even studies that find that formal dress for young people, will make them look less approachable. As for parents who wear formal attire make them look more approachable.

5. Use perfume
Recruiters usually see candidates who are clean and have a good smell. According to the survey, as many as 90 percent of interviewees said they were more confident when wearing perfume with their favorite sroma.

This is because the olfactory system is connected to the limbic system in the brain which is responsible for interpreting memories and emotions. So, choose your favorite scent.