5 Ways to Take Care of Black Clothes That Are Not Easy to Fade

Black clothing is probably one of the things that must be owned by everyone. The color is neutral and suitable combined with various other colors to be one of the reasons many like it.

However, black clothes have a tendency to fade very easily, or the color is not as black when still new. Of course this is a problem for everyone who likes this black outfit.

How to treat black clothes so that it is not easy, it is not difficult. As long as you know how to wash properly and how to store it properly, the black clothes will not fade easily and stay durable.

Here’s how to treat black clothes so they don’t fade easily.

Don’t wash it too often
No matter how hard you try to prevent your black clothing from fading or fading when washing it, it will also fade if you wash it too often. Not that after being used is not washed. You can wash black clothes when it’s needed. The point is to wash black clothes after 2 times of use and do not soak them in a long time. Soaking with detergent for too long will fade the color. So, immediately wash and dry after you use it.

Separate only black clothes
How to treat black clothes so that they do not fade easily next is to separate black clothes. Separating clothes based on color is important. Separate only black clothes and those that wear off easily. Even if they are smeared, they only smear the odor which is also black, so it will not be obvious.

Flip clothes when washing and drying
When you wash, the black cloth will come into direct contact with water, which can erode the color of the cloth. As a result, the color of clothes that will fade quickly is the color on the side that faces to the outside when you wash. Therefore, do not forget to flip the clothes when washing, use the inside when washing.

When drying clothes, always flip the inside out. This method is effective in protecting the outer color of the shirt does not fade easily. Because the heat of the sun can fade the color of clothes.

Wash with cold water
If you wash black clothes with warm water, then it can make it fade faster or fade. Warm water can break down fibers, making clothes fade faster. Use cold water so that clothes can last longer. The ideal water temperature for washing black clothes is 15-27 degrees Celsius.

In addition, you should also use the shortest washing method to treat black clothes. This is related to the risk of discoloration if you wash your clothes too long. However, you still have to pay attention to how dirty the black clothes you will wash.

Pay Attention When Drying Clothes
In treating black clothes so they don’t fade easily, heat is the main enemy. Don’t use a dryer unless you have to. Black clothes are better hung for dryness. In addition, you also have to make sure your clothes are away from the sun, because sunlight can make it quickly fade.