7 Effective Tips to Make the Clothes Washing Process More Practical

Washing clothes is one of the most annoying homeworks, because it takes a long time.

Although it has been facilitated by a washing machine, there are obstacles when washing, such as stubborn stains on clothes, so that the washing process takes longer.

For that, we will share easy tips to reduce the time you spend sorting, washing, and drying your clothes.

Here are some tips that make the washing process faster and simpler, such as launching from Bright Side.

1. Use mouthwash to clean the washing machine
Washing machines need to be disinfected regularly so they can continue to function properly. There are special detergents that you can buy, but you can also use regular mouthwash.

The mouthwash will eradicate fungi and harmful bacteria that stick to your washing machine.

The trick, you just add half a glass of mouthwash to the area where put detergent in the washing machine. Then, wash clothes as usual.

2. Put Some Aspirin Pills in the Washer
Some people try to avoid wearing white clothes because of the yellow sweat stains that often appear.

Putting a few aspirin pills into the washing machine can help whiten your white clothes due to the presence of salicylic acid.

3. Don’t Too Long Dry Your Clothes
Clothes that are too long in the sun turn out to be difficult to iron, because the fabric is resistant to heat. Even the iron steam won’t help you either.

In fact it’s easier to iron clothes that are moist. If your clothes have been left in the sun for a long time, all you have to do is spray water or clothes lubricant.

4. Use Baby Shampoo to Return Shrinking Clothes
This might sound strange, but baby shampoo can actually restore your shrunk to its original size. The baby shampoo will flatten the fiber and return it to its original size.

You just need to add a little baby shampoo and warm water to the container. Then soak the clothes in the water for 10-15 minutes. Then dry with a towel and dry horizontally to dry completely.

5. Don’t Sort Clothes Based on Color
When you want to wash clothes, do not sort clothes by color. Try sorting by the fabric density.

Thick cloth can absorb more water than lightweight ones. That is why when washing clothes intermittently can damage clothes made from thin fibers.

But you need to remember two exceptions. First, white clothes are always washed separately. Second, the temperature must not be higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit or clothing of a different color will lose color saturation.

6. Use Shaving Cream to Remove Makeup Stains
Sometimes, it’s not easy to get rid of makeup stains because some foundation and type of lipstick can last on your clothes forever.

However, to get rid of makeup stains on your clothes, you can just put shaving cream on the blemishes. Then wash clothes as usual.

7. Clean stubborn stains with a hair dryer
To remove stubborn stains such as mud, soil or juice, you can heat it with a hair dryer and put a little detergent on the stain.

After that, you can put your clothes in the washing machine. Warming the stain will later help the detergent work more efficiently.